Feather Galaxy

Feather Galaxy is a slow growing galaxy where phoenix travel when they are about to regenerate. As a phoenix dies the galaxy expands during the combustion of their previous body.

The galaxy is in close range of three suns helping them rise again and gain strength to continue their journey.

Feather Galaxy, painting by Joy Phillips

Feather Galaxy is the first space themed painting I created, so was a bit of an experiment, but ended up being one of my favourites.

It’s loosely based on reference image ‘A Galactic Spectacle’ by NASA (seen below), the shapes from the original really caught my attention. After I’d finished painting and was trying to come up with a title, the story started evolving as I’d read many stories about phoenixes when I was younger. One in particular, which unfortunately I can’t remember much of or the title, had a phoenix dying and rising in the darkness of space.

Galactic Spectacle, NASA
Galactic Spectacle, photo by NASA
Feather Galaxy detail
Feather Galaxy detail

Painting details and exhibition history
Acrylic on canvas, 13cm wide and 18cm tall and has been on display at Holy Grill in Mt Evelyn.

Purchasing details
This painting is now sold.

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