Desert Portal

It appeared 10 miles from the village, out in the middle of nowhere.
There were no markings on the ground, no footprints to suggest who erected it and no drag marks to suggest how it was brought there.
Two weeks later, people started disappearing…

This artwork started off as a photograph of a tree branch at night time. I really liked how it turned out here after working on it for a bit. It still looks natural, but has a bit of a fantasy and sci-fi feel to it. Maybe a portal that appeared in the middle of nowhere, possibly big enough for fighter planes to fly through.

I like writing short pieces about my artworks, it’s especially fun when the artwork isn’t a straight landscape photograph, it stop me from feeling restrained about the facts of the original photo. The story above just flowed while looking at the artwork. In the future I would like to expand this story. Until then the short mystery of Desert Portal can keep everyone wondering.

You can purchase Desert Portal via my Red Bubble page

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