It was six months after the new world council had been elected.
There was a general feeling of unease after the last election, fear for the worst in inter-world politics. There wasn’t chaos, as such, before or following the election; no riots, no protests, no negative commentary coming from other planets. But the feeling was there. Now enough time had passed with no conflicts that earth’s residents had started to relax and see what the new elects were achieving.
Then, just before midnight one Tuesday, the horizon lit up with a dull glow and the earth started shaking…


When I originally finished this piece it reminded me so much of the feeling/sound of Tom Waits, hence the name Lowside. The original story was going to be something more along the lines of the feeling of Lowside of the Road, a bit surreal, a bit depressing and needing a lot of thought. This story came after I had written Desert Portal, so I had more of a sci-fi and mystery feeling going through my head, and this one ended up being what I chose out of the two as I thought it was more complete. Or maybe the other could just bring up memories that I don’t want to provoke at this time. Either way, because the story changed so much I feel the title now feels a bit out of alignment, but I’ve left it as a reference to the original Tom Waits feel of the image.


This is part of the Reflectory series I’ll be showing at RAW Melbourne : FIXATE on June 29, and my main RAW piece on the website.

If you’d like to purchase tickets you can by going to www.rawartists.org/jpartist and clicking on the ‘Buy Tickets’ button.
When you get to the checkout you’ll see my name and this image on the right hand side.

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