Thank You

Just wanted to put up a quick post to say thank you! to everyone who came and saw me at RAW Melbourne FIXATE last Thursday evening.

It was a great night, I didn’t get to speak to everyone, it was extremely busy! But thanks to all who came and had a chat with me about my artworks after I got over my initial nerves of being there. I’ve had so many positive comments about the Reflectory series I had on show, and some story ideas thrown around for the works that aren’t officially ‘storied’ yet.

Stall at RAW Melbourne

Currently I’m working on a gallery and webshop, which should be up mid-July. Then will be experimenting with some painted pieces, writing full stories for each Reflectory piece and planning my next photographic series.

Thank you again to everyone, you all made my day and have given me confidence to keep doing what I love!

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