Growing up I read a lot of books. Most were filled with creatures only alive in the imagination like the moomintrolls, hattifatteners and gumnut babies, as well as real characters that had extreme characteristics like ‘Prince Amir of Kinjan’ the accident prone Afghan puppy from What-a-Mess. When I was a bit older I loved looking through books filled with artists work, art from science fiction stories and game concept art, as well as reading fantasy stories from authors like Terry Pratchett.

work in progress
work in progress – quick idea sketches

All this has greatly inspired my art, and every time I produce a piece, whether it be photography, mixed media or painting, there is always a story behind its creation. I am aiming to record all my artworks and their stories through this website/blog as I create them. I would love for you to read through and enjoy the process of these pieces coming to life.

Thank you for visiting!


~ JP

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